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The history of toys is as old as that of humans in general.  If nothing else is around children will just use whatever they can find as toys, even if it’s just stones or a tennis ball.  A toy can be almost everything. Nevertheless there are some absolute classics in the realm of toys. One of them is the Teddy Bear, without a question the most famous toy of them all. Named after none other than the former President of the United States Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, the cuddly little bears have made kids and adults lives better since the early 20th century. With its origin presumed around the same time (independently from each other) in Germany and America, the teddy bear has been conquering the world ever since. Generally a toy for the youngest generation, the Teddy Bear is usually substituted quite soon. The most common type of toy that girls will fall in love with then is dolls. A doll is simply a model of a human, usually of a child. But not always, as the queen of all dolls, Barbie, demonstrates. As a matter of fact, dolls have likely been around even longer than Teddy Bears: the oldest date back as early as 2000 BC and were found in Egypt. New Generation Toys Videogames are a newer generation of toys but they also went through quite some changes already.  Some of the old systems are considered classics nowadays as well. Today popular video games include karaoke and other music related fields, often including controllers that emulate their real life counterparts (instruments, microphones and such).  But classic games such as Tetris or Mario never go out of style and keep going strong with new versions every year. There are more innovations on the electronic toy market, the so called slideshare toys are one of them. In the gaming industry, web-based games are of increasing significance. Such games are also used for educational purposes. What better way is there to learn something than having fun while you’re doing it? Not many, that’s for sure. As you can see, there are tons of different types of toys in the world. Hopefully this site will provide useful information on some of those types. Toys: our world would just not be as fun without them! more

Baby Born

Dolls have been a young girl's constant companion since, well, always. It is the manifestation of the urge for motherhood ingrained in the personality of the child. A doll to a young girl is like her own child, to be taken care of and nurtured just like her mother is doing for her. This act of playing with a doll more

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For a long time, toys and dolls have been a very integral part of our lives as human beings. Although most people feel that toys were only important during our childhood, the fact is that we still play with one kind of toy or the other. In the modern world, there are more toys and dolls around far more than one can imagine. However, even more
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Toys and dolls are part of everyday life. In the 21st century, there are as many brands of toys as there are for cars, and that is if they are not more. Although, it may not be possible to know all the toy brands, there are some brands that are just too popular and widespread not to be known. In this category is the doll called Barbie. more
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